Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things to come

First of all, to you who have sent emails, texts, or left kind comments on this very blog, thank you. To you readers who come here everyday, despite the fact that my writing for the past few weeks has been very telling of my overtly-busy schedule, thank you for continuing to come back. Embarking on a masters degree while working and still attempting to maintain a sense of creativity and a social life is quite the undertaking, it seems. But in just a few short days, I'll be done with my last semester of graduate school, and From Ainsley, with Love will be back to its lifestyle blogging goodness (or at least I like to think that you consider it goodness).

So while you'll most likely still be getting a heavy-ish dose of opinion, ramblings, and inspiration, I promise to return to you real features on the daily details that can make every day just so pretty.

Also in the works is a big move. In July, I'll be saying goodbye to my sweet little southern Oxford town in leu of a permanent residence on the Gulf of Mexico to begin a new position here, the publisher of this. Excited? Oh baby, you bet. So I hope you don't mind following along as I make the exciting transition. (Warning: sappy posts about this to follow as I'm sure you can imagine.)

So, on that note, a quick optimistic dose of inspiration for you (and me!). A friend sent me this today, which I wish I'd had throughout this whole crazy journey of mine this year (thanks Hales, loveyoumeanitalways):

"Life is difficult, life is unfair, life is challenging and 
sometimes painful. And life is so very good.
There are frustrations, tragedies, disappointments, 
setbacks, heartbreaks, and absurdities. The simple joy of 
being outweighs them all.
Life is good, because within its realm, anything is 
possible. Life is good, because no matter how far you fall, 
there is always a way to climb back up again.
You can complain, fret and worry about all the problems in 
your life, but you'll be wasting your time. Or, you can 
choose to focus on why and how life is so good, and on what 
you can do to take that goodness and make it even better.
Not only is life good, it's uniquely good for you in your 
very own way. The possibilities for expressing your purpose 
are limited only by your imagination.
Remind yourself often of the great and wonderful value that 
you already, always have. Life is good, and in this moment 
that's bursting with possibilities, life is yours."
- Ralph Marston

 Happy (belated) May!


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congratulations on the new job and graduating with a master's degree! i can't wait to follow along on your new journey.

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