Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beachy Thoughts

Hello little lovelies,
Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. As I told you, I'm wrapping the craziness up over here and will be back to normal so super soon. Thanks so very much for your kind comments, emails, and thoughts on the matter. Until then, I've got a little project on my hands that I could use your input with-- one that I'm happy as a little lark about.

I'm making the big move in about a month. Hello Gulf Coast- why yes I can walk to the beach from my future home. And you know what that means- I've been bitten by the decor bug. I've been lucky enough to obtain some really great pieces of furniture throughout my Oxford days to start a firm foundation for my first big-girl home. I've also been lucky enough to inherit my mom's crafty blood, meaning I'll be DIY-ing and thrifting/updating/recreating as many wonderful little projects as I can get my hands on. Look at a few of these I already want to get started on:
I want a large floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, but do you love the wallpapered interior or what?

Gallery wall behind the couch? Easy as pie. I love the monochromatic tones and geometrical layout of this one, although my white-neautral-cool toned taste may mesh better with sepia prints. 

More easy prints: framed fabrics

This would be perfectly convenient for my upstairs balcony seating.

So my question for you is this: Do you have any favorite sites or blogs that offer the cutest of cute in DIY or recreation projects? I have a few favorites of my sleeve, but I'd really like your suggestions as I surge ahead in putting together my little beach bungalow.
More tomorrow. I'm back, promise


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