Monday, March 21, 2011


Hey there little lovelies, guess who's back? After a week of sand and sun, I'm feeling a bit more refreshed (and looking it as well, thank you tan) and ready for action.There's just one slight problem I'm dealing with right now, and it comes in the form of spring fever.

Any others out there plagued with the disease? Mine hit me hard as soon as I arrived back in Mississippi greeted by cherry blossoms, 80 degree temps, and so much sunshine a girl can't help but smile. It's taking every ounce of willpower I've got to remind myself that I'm a (somewhat) grownup, and no Ainsley you can not throw out your to-do lists to go lay in the sun the rest of the day.

So here's to spring finally having arrived, with its warm familiarity and fresh attitude. Happy Spring!


Elizabeth said...

I'm so jealous you spent the week in the sand and the sun. My dream! I'll be laying out park side to hopefully overcome this ghostly skin. Welcome back to the "real" world.

a blonde and a brunette said...

I "overindulged" in the first day of Spring and came out of the weekend sunburned! Ack!! It was SUCH a great weekend though!!

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