Monday, March 28, 2011


Occasionally, one of those days will take place in which meetings run into other meetings, there's no time for a breather, you can't find a parking spot that doesn't prompt you to walk a mile, and you lose your absolute favorite sunglasses in the entire world (the ones with the Jackie O-ish frames and the super dark lenses).
Alright, maybe that day was today.
It was.
When days like today happen, and I momentarily lose my mind or am not quite sure how three hours have passed and I'm still discussing the same topic, I find myself scrolling endlessly through photography blogs. Photography does that for me- it's like an exhale, an instant mood-lifter that can take me to a new place, point to a new focus, give me a new direction. It also tells me a lot about my mood or how I'm feeling. And it seems, today, I was drawn to things a bit quirky and utterly feminine in nature (big surprise there huh?):

all via my Pinterest boards


Linda [the young curator] said...

if only i had a "press for champagne" button!

also, love that closing picture. the j. crew video it's from is one of my favorite clips of all time :]

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