Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Optimist Extraordinaire?

Lots of you out there have commented on my chronic habit of pumping myself up.
It's true, I do it (Disclaimer: this post may be more for me than for you, but I hope you agree.)
The background of my computer is currently this:
Thanks Mary Catherine. Surprised? Not one bit.

I'm the master of talking myself into a good mood, validating that everything is just fine, wanting to spread some good moods in the meantime.
But the thing is, I gotta get there first.
Normal people have bad days. Normal people get in bad moods. Normal people sometimes think that life is less than ideal.  Or I sure do on occasion (like today). And after pouting, or withdrawing, or whatever my tactic may be for the solid half hour that I let whatever bad-day element seep into my mind and heart, there's nothing left to do but tell myself "get over it, sista." 
Seems a bit like a contradiction? As is life. I love music, but never know the words to any songs. I'm weirded out by cheesiness, but am the corniest person you'll ever meet. I love art, but can't draw. Contradiction Central over here.
So that's that: I don't typically awake with a wide smile on my face. No way, no how. And I don't want anyone to be under the false pretense that I do. The second truth I live by, right behind Let Him Lead, is
You Gotta Choose to Be Happy, and Work At It.

It's a choice, every day, to be happy. At least about something, one tiny little thing, no matter how insignificant. And that's tough. That's a challenge in so many forms and fashions, for so many of us so often.  But it's necessary, because life throws the hardballs of rejection, mean spirits, failure, accidents, misunderstandings, and so on. And on days like today, "get over it sista" is the best advice I can muster up. But it works. Because in the end, good day, bad day, who cares, it's a new day. And thank the Lord for that. 

"I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live."
Ecclesiastes 3:12


Emily Nelson said...

so true--needed that. on a lighter note, i will always remember you being the original owner of that card that shouted "you look good, you feel good. . .etc." i'm not doing it any justice but i still think about that.

Staley Mc said...

Thank you for this! I am all about some positive thinking and this was perfect!

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