Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just wishing

I don't care that it's Feb. 8th, I'm ready for it to be warm and sunny.
This Mississippi winter has been brutal. Bru-tal. Snow, ice, and 9 degree wind chills (all you who live slightly above us are laughing right now, I know) don't happen here in the great state of Mississippi. Until now. And I, quite frankly, am longing to tuck away my boots and coats and pull out sundresses.
Or, in that case, swimsuits.
Which is why I allowed myself to look at them online this morning, despite the translucent color of my skin or the fact that it will be a good month and a half until I am able to wear one. I needed it to be a good Tuesday, and now, dreaming of 80 degree temps, the ocean, and the little beach condo I will be accommodating in precisely five weeks, it will be. A few of my favorites (at this moment, because let's be honest, my favorites are always changing):

I guess I have a type, huh? Girly.Frilly.Ruffly.

But you can't shop for swimsuits without browsing cover-ups (or I can't, don't know about all you Victoria Secret models out there).

Cue Spring Break daydreams.

1: Here. 2 and 3: here. 4 and 5: here. 6,7, and 8: here.


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