Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For the books

My "Future Home/Future Vacation Cottage" folders are lacking new updates lately, as my eye has been turned almost exclusively to fashion for the past few months. However, one can't claim to be a style-chaser without chic decor taste as well, and in this aspect, as you know, my taste is pretty predictable for the home: cozy chic, with light, airy colors, lots of art, and classic yet glamorous accents. However, I've finally stumbled across a few images that are making it into the decor folders, with a few new, out-of-the-box elements that have shown up:

Velvet in the home can seem stuffy and antiquish if overdone, but when accented in dark or jewel-tone colors can be simply modern to a tee:

A chalkboard as a kitchen wall? Oh the possibilities. I love how the pantry and shelves can be completely closed off in this room (out of sight, out of mind, right?). And think of the to-do lists possible on this little chalkboard-wall cookie:
Enamored with everything about this room. The color scheme, the raw wood elements, that eclectic chandelier, showcased art, the overlapping oriental rugs, and the uber-tall windows. Yum.
I've always loved the idea of a bunk room in a summer home/cabin/lake house. A place where everyone can pile in together for pillow talk and sweet dreams. But after seeing these individual twins that close off with curtains (did you notice the two in the very back?), I'm loving this idea a little bit more. And such lovely light to awake too... Future beach house, right click and save image.
Again, so many elements in this room appeal to me: the white walls that pop against the pattern of the back wall, again- that gorgeous chandelier, the two mirrored armoires that reflect to make the room look even larger, yummy white bedding, all put together with a symmetrical design to the whole room.
Any favorites?


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