Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolving 2011

Happy 2011 to you all!

I know, technically, the new year dawned upon us a few days ago. But seeing as I've been traveling to start back to class yesterday, this seems like a more appropriate time to start on those resolutions I've been contemplating for a while now. 

For me, New Years resolutions are about positive change.  I strongly believe in the whole New Year/New Start hype (although I also believe if you need to make a change, just go ahead and do it already). If you read here often, you know I'm always trying to resolve myself or problems. By nature, I like to fix things-- which is why one of my resolutions this year is to be a constant source of encouragement to others. I'll spare you the rest of my list in leu of sending some encouragement for a better day your way on this Tuesday morning:

Sticking with resolutions is a struggle that looms over us daily: sit on the couch or go for that jog? Chocolate or a carrot? Sleep in or get up and go to church? The bad choice, the choice that ruins the progress on your resolution, is always the one that offers us instant gratification-- and it's no new news there that we are a society who values instant gratification more than anyone in the world. However, there's good news for us in that it isn't just our own poor judgement that makes dedication to our resolutions hard; our brain is wired that way. The things we choose to resolve for the new year often parallel against our bad habits, of which have been wired into our brain overs years of practice and, in turn, are harder to shake and succeed in than learning new things or picking up a new habit. This article from AOL Health offers some great insight into the idea and the research behind it, and how to get rid of the bad habits wired into our brain to have successful New Years resolutions. 
Good news out there for the resolvers. 
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