Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh Happy (fri)Day

Oh hello Friday, you got here quickly this week (note: three day weeks due to snow storms go by quickly). So as we welcome the weekend, I'm looking forward to so many things for yet another few days off (thanks MLK JR.)
Friday night: For two special friends coming in town, its going to be a celebratory night out on the town, worthy of this look on Jessica Alba: super sleek waves, minimal makeup and matte red lips. I'll let you know how it translates, as my history with red lip stick is lacking. 
Saturday: A group of our closest guys and gals will be traveling to a friends farm/lodge for lots of cooking, laughing, cocktails, and a bonfire. The perfect farm outfit for a casual inside/outside look:

farm outfit

And while the boys are manning the grill, the girls will be preparing sides and appetizers. I want to try my hand at this spinach dip on steroids 
Sunday is the day of the Golden Globes (for all of you hiding under a rock), and this fabulous party set up from Camille Styles is absolutely award worthy.
And Monday, sadly, will look a lot like this for me, as I hit the books working on thesis project research (shootmenowshootmenowshootmenowshootmenow)
So Happy Friday to you, and here's to hoping you have exciting plans for community and celebration during your long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Where oh where oh WHERE is that gold monogrammed necklace from?! I am OBSESSED.

Ainsley said...

I love the necklace so much too! It's from a website called Charm and Chain and you can find it here:
There are also lots of less expensive options out there that you can find if you just google monogram necklaces.

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