Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tick Tock

I love Christmas. I really do (just like all other humans on Earth). And this Christmas was nothing short of exceptional, as I hope all of yours was as well.
But, I also really really love New Years.

Ever since I was a little girl, New Years Eve has fascinated me. I fought hard to keep my little eyes open to watch the ball drop on Times Square year after year after year. And I'll never forget the first New Years Eve I actually did stay awake, dancing with my other super cool 11-year-old best friends in my living room as that glittering ball tumbled down high above the crowds of New York City (might I note, I also began my love affair with New Years Eve attire that same year, as we were playing dress up and I was clad in a silver-sequined gown that came from who knows where, most likely a past soiree of my mother's... or I should hope).

To say the least, I'm fond of New Years Eve.
I've met a few along the way who aren't as fond as my beloved holiday, assuming it never lives up to its expectations yadayadayada. But, like life, it is what you make it. And that's a good thing, because I can make a lot out of being with my best friends, with live music, champagne and tons of toasts, sequins, shimmer, and glitter all around, and those cute little crowns that I'm rather fond of nabbing early on in to the night.

And best of all, that excited, giddy feeling (whether you'll admit to it or not) that overtakes the crowd as you realize this is your last night, this is it, the last shot you've got at "insert year here", and you might as well make it a good one. Then the countdown comes. It's quick, and exciting and you can look around you and know that you're bringing in this new year, this clean slate, this who-knows-what-will-happen-in-the-next-twelve-months moment with the very people you want to experience it with.
And then bam.
Hello, 2011. (N*Sync's "Here we go, one more time, everybody's feeling fine" is playing in my head). It's going to be a good year, because 2010 was great, but how can this year not be better? It's exciting. It's shiny and new. And we're still young.

So that's why I love New Years. And that's why I'm pretty sure I'll reference it everyday leading up until Friday. But then on that day, I'll be taking off to join my bests in Nashville to ring in the year that is sure to be our year.
So go ahead, start wrapping up your 2010. Pick out the shiny bow, and clear a space on your shelf. Because 2011 is about to dawn.


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