Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Season Day #1

Well hello there December, nice of you to sneak up on us like you did. It almost feels like a Friday, I'm so giddy about the first day of my second-favorite month (the first is June- if you read here often, you know that and why, and if you don't, well... it is.) One of my roommates is the true Christmas Queen (cough, Ann Clark), and I joined forces with her to Christmas-up our house before Thanksgiving even turned the corner. But for me, it's not just the Christmas season that gets my energy level up- it's the Holiday season December brings. Because New Years Eve just happens to race in a close second to Christmas day (I'll hold off on singing those praises until I can pay some special attention to Christmas for a while). So today, on December 1st, I'll be mentally preparing myself (read: distracting myself) for all the joys of the season: family and friends with lots of love to share, gift-giving... a favorite past time of mine, seasonal holiday decor, Christmas tunes, sparkly and sequined holiday wear, parties and dinners and cocktails galore, the birth of a Son to save, and the celebration surrounding that.
So, needless to say, I'll be one happy girl, and one excited writer, for the next few weeks.
And to kick-off our holiday-filled December, a little look at Kate Spade's Holiday 2010 Campaign, which is just enough to wake-up your festive bones this morning:

Happy First of December, xoxo


mary-kathryn said...

makes me want to decorate my house! sounds like maybe i should just enlist you and ann clark!

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