Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Therapeutic Writing

I've started probably nine different posts last week. They're all still there, sitting, waiting for complete sentences or a train of thought to be completed.
But it doesn't look like its going to happen today.
I've got the block. My words are failing me.

Writer's block is a funny thing.  For people who use words as their craft, how come it happens? Even now, I deleted various alterations of that sentence three times before I finally just cut to the chase.
Do singers get singer's block?
Do designer's get design block?
Do pastors get preacher's block?
After milling over this thought for a few days, my conclusive answer is yes. With roughly fifteen years of trained dancing under my belt (yep, uh huh, my mom shoved me in ballet shoes at age three, and I still occasionally run into my bedframe- grace, go figure), I never once got dancer's block. I never once showed up to the studio or a performance and couldn't physically dance.
However, sometimes I stumbled. Sometimes a sequence got fumbled as it went from my brain to execution. But isn't that life? We get busy, stressed, overwhelmed, and you don't see the effects in  grocery shopping or in paying the bills, but in the activities and people you love most. Sometimes, in rehearsals, I had to stop and start over, andoverandoverandover. And sometimes, I just had to start the steps very slowly, and repeat faster and faster until the sequence took over and flowed naturally without thought.

So, that's what I'm trying now with these words. Just thinking, and typing, slowly, and hoping that when I finally hit the publish button, I'll have the words to write more later.
Writer's block, you're just in my head, get on outta here.


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