Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taunting Tibi

If you read here pretty often, you know I have a special place in my heart for my two main girls: Tibi and Tory. Given, my participation in actually buying all the things I lust over from these lovely ladies is restricted to a minimum (due to a graduate school budget and a guilt-sympathy for the African children and people without clean water), Tory is the first place I turn for a fabulous pair of shoes or a chic handbag, and ole Tibs loves to make me crazy with her dress designs. This exact phenomenon with Tibi happened last night, when I went searching for her on, where else?, Shopbop and fell in love with her fall dress designs:

What I've also discovered, is that I love the designer of Tibi herself, Amy Smilovic. Amy's just a southern Georgia girl who, after a career in marketing, started up her line on the foundation of easy and chic- my kind of girl. A lover of prints and contradictions, Tibi embodies Amy's artistic roots and fun personality. 
"I always think a woman should dress in contradictions - youthful and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, bold and muted colors." (source here)
Amy just gets us girls. She thinks the chicest chicks on earth were the Charlie's Angels, and values personal style more than what's "hot" (ironically, Tibi is super "hot"). My jealousy is steadily growing for MCK, who has actually heard the designer speak. So, maybe instead of looking for Tibi online sales, I'll start looking for events where Amy is speaking. My bank account would probably thank me. 


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