Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspiration: Natalie Wood

A friend of mine sent me Google-imaging old Hollywood golden girl Natalie Wood last night, and I was completely taken aback with her classic look and timeless beauty.
Being sadly un-educated on the bombshells of yesteryear and never before knowing of this golden girl, I found myself clicking through image after image of Miss Natalie, while thinking to myself "Ooooooh, I want to look like that", "THAT is perfect hair.", and "Man, her style rocked." In a nutshell, wanting to be her.

(with Frank Sinatra)

This girl embodied that cool, easy chic that depicts the early 60's, all style and glamour and ease. Bombshell hair, played up those eyes, and dressed to flatter. 

And isn't it funny to find out that her first gig was the youngster in the original Miracle on 34th Street?

So today, so far, has been an excellent day in styleinspiration, as I'm going to hole up with a few old school Natalie Wood flicks this week and take a note or two from the starlet's effortless look, all the while wishing I was part of the early 1960's yet again. 


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