Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pet Project

You know those women who seem able to master it all? They cook like a chef while decorating their home themselves to a professional degree as they sport fabulous style and hold an abundance of unique interests and hobbies that keep their otherwise free time filled with creative outlets. I long to be just that. And I will, in time (fingers crossed). But until then, I'm cultivating a few interesting hobbies along the way. First stop, Calligraphy.

I've been entertaining the idea of this new skill for quite some time now, ever since a friend told me I'd be good at it. I'm absolutely no artist, but I am artistic and I know I would enjoy the technique and practice of such a classic art form. After seeing the above examples of some contemporary calligraphy, and being completely enamored with them, I've been looking up classes, instructors, and books to teach me all afternoon (update: found a great teacher and she's free!) I'm going to send you over to my source for these photos at I'm Just Saying,where she did a post on these contemporary calligraphy styles- mainly because her little work of art is a fun treat for your afternoon. Hopefully I'll master the classic style enough to branch out to a more whimsical, unique style. And I'll keep you updated along the way as I try and put another notch on my belt in the creative department.


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