Monday, June 14, 2010

For a smile.

I know I talk about my friend Mary Catherine a lot. But trust me, she's a whole packaged bottle of fun, laughter, and love. So naturally, there's a lot to talk about. Her blog, lilies and sparrows, is my first stop online every morning. Well, while playing catch-up from the weekend on this lovely Monday morning, I found myself laughing out loud at MCK's insight into a little issue we like to call self-perception. And maybe more specifically, her mane. You see, Mary Catherine has these outrageously crazy, fun, beautiful blonde curls that, naturally, she hates (the grass is always greener, yes?) And after a chance moment of inspiration after another, MCK has documented her acceptance of this little gift from God. Trust me, go and read it here.
So that got me thinking today. Don't we all, young, old, tall, skinny, short, stocky, tan, pale, and everything in between, all have a little bit of built up hostility towards one part or another of ourself? Who, if anyone, is one hundred percent comfy in that skin of theirs out there? Because I'm willing to bet we all have struggled in the past with issues such as sweet MCK's. I'll be the first to throw my hands in the air to that. So trust me, go read Mary Catherine's post. Because her ability to laugh at her past mistakes and accept quite possibly one of the most unique things about herself will make you reconsider a few of those things that nag at your own brains when you look in the mirror.
It sure did me.


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