Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Masey

This little piece of work is getting married this weekend.

Definition- Sassy :bold and spirited; cheeky; saucy; vigorous; live
Yep, that's Masey
And on Saturday, she's going to slip into the most stunning white gown, grab a bouquet of hydrangeas, and sashay down the aisle to her more-than-deserving love of her life, who, might I add, has had to work appropriately hard enough to get our girl to be his.
For me, its one of the more surreal things that has happened in a long time (So I can't image what she is feeling right now.) The process has been a long one. As bridesmaids, we've all been so very excited about every detail from where she has registered to the flowers for the wedding. Words can not even begin to explain the excitement that is surging through my body right now as I prepare for our weekend away from Santa Rosa Beach to head back to the Magnolia State for this big day. It's like an adrenaline rush. Times fifty. And, naturally, its gotten me thinking.
(sidenote: middle man is the owner of the restaurant that really took to us)

This is where we are. Bridesmaids luncheons, rehearsal dinners, and ceremonies for the very best of our girls. And as Masey is the first one to be taken into matrimonial bliss, I can not help but think how we got here so quickly and where it will go from here. We've been through the best of times, we've been through the worst of times, and on Saturday, we'll be with Masey through the most important of her times, all lined up behind her in a little duckling row, carrying her train, holding her bouquet, helping her slide into her blue-soled shoes. And even though she'll now be Mrs. Masey Gresham, we'll all still be The Girls together. Over time, all our last names will change. But The Girls won't. 
We'll still laugh at each other's bad jokes (mainly mine). 
We'll still call to ask what we should wear to X event. 
We'll still think up excuses to celebrate anything
We'll still relish together in a good glass of wine. 
We'll still recap every adventure we've ever been on... every time we are together. 
We'll still cry with, and for, each other.
We'll still scream when we see each other after a very long time.
We'll still invite each other to everything.
We'll still say love you, still say miss you, still say talk to you tomorrow.
Because The Girls isn't just an endearing term we use when referring to our very interconnected group of friends- it describes our hearts. Because our hearts have been so completely invaded with love for each other, with respect and dependence and sincerity for our relationship, that despite wonderful fairy-tale husbands or fabulous friends in brand new cities, our hearts will always belong, at its core, at the very basis of where we began to learn and grow and love and live, to one another. 
So, here I go to this weekend that will surely create the most memories of any to come yet. Here I go to cry, to laugh, to pray for my sweet girl as she begins a brand new life with a brand new name. Here I go to watch love that has been for so long promise to be forever. Say a prayer for Masey this weekend (like maybe this one.) Say a prayer for her girls, as well, and all those involved. 
And a happy early weekend to all of you!


Mary Catherine said...

Love each one of The Girls so very much!
Especially Mrs. Masey :)

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