Sunday, March 7, 2010

Never too late for the Oscars

It's that time again. Time to bring out the fabulous dresses, the young, rich and wonderful, and those funny little gold men. No, its not a funny rendition of Alice in Wonderland (which, by the way, was two-thumbs up). It's the Oscars, ladies and gentlemen. Now, I'm sure there are many out there whose weeks have been so busy that they think the time has slipped buy to prepare for this party-worthy night. Wrong. A few tips and tricks to throw together a last minute (and totally affordable) glamor-fest with all your best girls for the Academy Awards, and just in time to watch your fave celebs take their stroll down the red carpet.

1. Think buffet:
Since your bash will be intimate and last minute, a Hollywood inspired buffet will get the job done. Think glitter. Not in the failed-Mariah-movie sort of way, but in a hat-tip-to-Hollywood sort of way. Remember to tell your guests to eat their dinner before they come- the hostess doesn't want to be responsible for a champagne-on-an-empty-stomach overload.

Cupcakes are always a crowd-pleaser, not to mention easy-as-pie for the hostess. And with these sprinkles-disguised-as-glitter, they are sure to pop off the table.

Another crowd-pleaser: champagne jell-o. Not to replace the real thing, of course, but this tasty dessert will have guests giddy all night. Serve in plastic champagne or martini glasses.

Cookies are an easy go to, but why not step it up a notch and make individual cookie cakes? Cute, affordable, and easy, these tasty little treats are just plain fun to nosh on. I suggest cookies with colored sprinkles to go with the glitter-inspired theme.

For those without a sweet tooth, serve individual movie-theater popcorn containers filled with the fluffy snack. Mini-BLT's are another not-sweet-appetizer that will satisfy the crowd. See the recipe here. Other savory crowd pleasers: bacon-swiss dip and veggie crudites.

2. Decorations:
Since most of the action for your get-together will go down around the TV area, its a good idea to set up your buffet close enough for access during commercials. Try using a gold table cloth sprinkled with glitter around silver serving dishes for a old-Hollywood glamor feel. For your centerpiece, stuff a vase with silver Easter grass (it should be in stores by now) and run by your local florist for a bunch of light pink peonies to arrange in the metallic show. The light pink will be lovely amidst the gold and silver.
White lights can also help to get the Academy Award vibe going. String them around the ceiling above the television where the award-show watching will take place for a paparazzi like effect. Dim the lights everywhere but around the buffet and cocktail table, so guests can see what they are choosing from!

At the door, stuff a basket with category nomination sheets so guests can participate in the awards show. Attach personal pens by tying skinny metallic ribbon around the neck of the pen, then punching a whole in the nomination sheets and finishing the link with a simple knot. Before each reveal, have each guest circle who they deem the winner. At the end of the party, the guest with the most right wins! Make the prize something movie-related: a gift-certificate to the movie theater or Movie Gallery/Blockbuster is sure to please. You can find a complete nominee list here to help you with typing out your nomination sheets.

Don't forget the drink bar. Invent your own Oscar-worthy signature drink. Pre-mix this drink, and set it out on a separate table from the buffet, along with the appropriate drink-ware, champagne, and champagne glasses. Don't forget the cocktail napkins!  Buy strawberries and raspberries to drop into your champagne flutes.

Most importantly, bring your own Oscar-worthy personality. Despite great girlfriends, fun foods, and cute cocktails, a party is only as much fun as its hostess. And don't forget your camera to document the fun!


emily louise said...

love those glitter cupcakes! good enough to eat!

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