Tuesday, March 23, 2010

He loves me, he loves me not

What is it about a flower that makes things better? A bouquet to say I'm thinking of you, a single rose for an I love you or a flower in your hair to say I feel pretty. A floral dress to nurture your girly-girl side, or a silk flower pin peeking out from a low bun- whatever the case, flowers have a way of making us girls feel special, sought after, pretty, loved...transforming an ordinary mood into something special to be reckoned with.  With spring peeking back in to our everyday lives, I am finding myself more drawn than ever to bright blooms incorporated into these soon-to-be long days of spring. Find an excuse for floral today.

how lovely would this be in an all-white room?

Perfect for a summer wedding with wedges or a special date with sandals

fresh bouquets make my day

Throw it on around your favorite white sundress or wear it tied behind your neck as a statement necklace.


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