Sunday, February 14, 2010

... and she danced through it.

Tonight as I lay listlessly under my white comforter watching the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and dreading the to-do lists of the week ahead, I overheard a phrase- whether it was a line from a commercial, the movie itself, or a whispered thought by one of my roommates passing by- that touched me. It was simple, yet complete in so many ways, and it embodied the idea that I would like to carry with myself throughout this silly and short life we live.
"But she danced through it."
She danced through the hard times, with an optimism and frivolity we each should nurture more than we probably do now.
She danced through the good times, because to dance means to know that a simple walk would be settling.
She maneuvered herself in such a way that her actions to deviate from the beaten path were noticed and acknowledged with great appreciation in making those around her happier.
She danced for it to become contagious and to help those around her dance happily through life.

And I pray that she becomes me, and that I may dance through it.


Mary Catherine said...

love love love love love love love this.
love it.
and you.

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