Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Want, Wear, Work

Personal style. What's yours? By definition, its hard to label. Ask any magazine and they'll give you a few labels to go by: classic, feminine, earthy, rocker, girly-girl, tomboy... the list goes on. But ask any fashionista, teenager, and working girl alike- anyone with a love for fashion- and they'll quickly tell you different. What's the label for those who love both ruffles and leather jackets, or both cheetah and bows? What do you call the girl who wears silk suits by day and sequined skirts by night? What category is the girl who struggles to choose between her LBD or her chiffon and feathered cocktail dress?
The answer isn't in a label, it's in a state of mind. We see something we like- something that speaks to us, rouses our inner style catalog a bit, and we want it. We want it, and we buy it. We buy it, we wear it. When we wear it, all that's left to do is work it. No matter the definition we become, we work it because at that moment, that chiffon skirt or leather jacket is ours, completely ours, and no one is going to put a label on us for wearing it. The answer is in our confidence, in our acute awareness that our own individual style may not be solely classic, rocker, or feminine... but maybe a classically feminine rocker. Or a working girl tomboy, or a chic modern earthy.Whatever it may be, the confidence behind our unique tastes and blends of style is what makes fashion the must fun game on earth, in which each of us play our own character. Own it, girls.



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